Monday, September 26, 2011

Ride Out!

With the knowledge you have gained
from a hundred training days,
Ride out!

With trust in one and all
to heed the blaring urgent call,
Ride out!

With courage few can know
and brilliant skills to show,
Ride out!

With honor, grace and pride,
and God ever on your side,
Ride out!

On apparatus prepped with care
to dangers few would ever dare,
Ride out!

To those emergencies to solve
with your leaders' fierce resolve,
Ride out!

To your city, swift and brave,
that prays for God to come and save,
Ride out!

To your neighbors, scared and near,
and family, loved and dear,
Ride out!

As God's caring hands and feet,
knowing what timely needs you meet,
Ride out!

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