Monday, November 23, 2009

Technology "Fast"

Experiencing an interruption in internet and television service has been an inconvenient, yet not altogether undetectable blessing. The resulting effect has been a greater necessity to engage those activities that exercise the mind and nurture relationships better. In place of surfing the net, we have books to read. In place of the news to watch, we converse over dinner. In place of cartoons, my kids watch movies from our collection (2 hours long) that keep their attention for longer than minutes (with commercial breaks every 5 minutes). Instead of immediately turning on the football game that I enjoy watching, my wife and I go walk a couple of miles. Yes, the interruption of information and entertainment technology at home may be inconvenient, but there has been an "up side" that can be extracted from it.

In light of this unexpected benefit, it would behoove us to voluntarily perform this technology "fast" from time to time. Imagine the relational and concentration wealth that can be developed from the simple voluntary denial of the image-drive world to invade the harmony of the household. This can be taken so far as to even prefer candlelight for an evening over the simple flicking on of wall switches. Perhaps this practice can be incorporated into our Feast of Apartments held in May.

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