Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Statist's Creed

We believe in one State,
almighty usurper of heaven and manager of the Earth;
and in one benevolent Leader - its head,
Who was conceived by the collective “spirit” of our age,
Born of a victimized minority,
Suffered under the hand of greedy Capitalists,
was enlightened through liberal education,
learned of our suffering through social activism,
was dismissed by right-wing conservatives
and considered unthreatening by political analysts.
He arose from obscurity bringing hope for our future.
He ascended into our highest office,
where he sits with our future in his mighty hands;
from thence he shall come to grant relief from our afflicters.

We believe in the “spirit of our time” and in ourselves;
We believe in the global community,
and the right of all people to be free from any suggestion of theistic
oppression from a contrived otherworldly construct of the mind.
We believe in forgiveness, but not in the concept of sin.
We believe in the sovereignty of our own body,
to indulge whatever pleasures suit us - for this life is all there is.

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