Monday, April 6, 2009

Trust? Are you Crazy?

It seems more and more all the time that God likes to keep some things out of my control just to make sure I have plenty to trust him for. For you pious, obvious type personalities who are about to ask is this is just occurring to me, YES I KNEW THIS ALREADY! It's just that I'm presently experiencing it in a new and different way. Take, for example, my present process of applying for Navy chaplain. My recruiter is optimistic and encouraging, believing it likely that I will perpetuate his record of successful candidates. However, my contact with the endorsing denomination is remains ambivalent about whether my ministry experience will meet minimum requirements. The net effect is that it's completely out of my control.

Finishing seminary is relatively within my control. Oh sure, I could become grossly ill tomorrow and because of it fail to complete my remaining seminary assignments. But assuming the present conditions continue, I can finish DTS. Everything else, however, is very much more out of my hands. Yet this is what people keep asking me about!

"Aaron, any update about your endorsement?"

"No. Just waiting for their decision."

I hate being so repetitive by constantly giving the same answer. The response I want to give is, "I have no idea what God's is doing." But some may not find this reassuring. TOO BAD! For reasons which seem good to him, God has kept his plans to himself. Speculating about what he's likely to do just frays the nerves further.

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Alan said...

I have believed for a long time now that God is giving me a lifelong lesson in Trust. I guess we can't get onto the Israelites too much, eh?