Friday, April 17, 2009

Road Trip

Perhaps running off at night with three other men to Houston wasn't the most responsible thing in the world, but the men in question were fellow pastors of Gateway Fellowship. In this case, my the spontaneous aspect of my personality came into play. For several reasons, I was able to determine in mere moments that this would be the best use of my next 36 hours. Among the chief reasons I had for jumping into the car and racing south with them was the desire to develop a better relationship with my colleagues. After, if you truly want to know a someone, traveling with them is one of the better ways to get to know them better. In addition, camaraderie is developed through travel that might not be otherwise cultivated through normal circumstances.

This is sometimes popularly labeled "male bonding," but it runs deeper than that. It's a connection that is both attached to, yet transcends mere maleness. It has to do with discovering what is important to people, what annoys them, what gets them excited or frustrated; what disappoints them, and what leaves them elated; about what are they apathetic? or about what are they convicted?

Because of the opportunity to know my colleagues better, I jumped at the chance to take a quick road trip. Some are not so spontaneous, but they might have missed out on such a chance as this.

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