Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Personal Log: Love - Hate Relationship with Seminary

As seminary comes to a close, I find that I am able to understand and empathize with those seminary graduates and alumni that gave a negative report of their experience when I asked them about it. Some went so far as to admit needing between 5 to 7 years following graduation for their spiritual life to recover. I understand that dilemma.

For me, following graduation, it may be a while before I want to pick up my Bible again. Having gorged so sickeningly on biblical data (particularly this semester), I find that I may want to commune close with God in meditation and prayer later on in a manner that sets the Bible aside. I admit this is not the preferred instinct. However, no matter how healthy a food may be, if you indulged so excessively on it as to vomit due to over-intake, future plates of it can activate the gag reflex.

I have loved the seminary environment for its education, it has stimulated my faith on many levels and has been instrumental in exposing me to areas of study that will now always be part of my personal studies. However, I also hate seminary for facilitating a situation in which the Bible now makes me convulse, gag and lean over the toilet hoping chunks don't get lodged in my nose.

This may not have been the reaction of many other graduates, but I'm not as strong as they are.

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