Monday, January 5, 2009

Significant Transitions

Within the span of a week I’ve transitioned from pastor of one church to staff of another. The manner in which I relate to the people around me therefore changed considerably. Not that I am put off by the changing dynamics, but in like manner that a tight turn in a jet fighter can tax the body, so also tight turns in life can tax the soul. In the duration of a week, I went:

From pastor to staff member;
From salaried to uncertain about income;
From part time student back to full time student;
From pastoral career to tentative ministry placement;
From confident about calling to careful about my assertions;
From well defined roles to roles in flux.

What degree of change can a person handle all at once?
How much can a family handle?
How does the leader of that family help them negotiate the changes, while coping with those changes himself?

One of the problems plaguing military aircraft design is the degrees of stress the human body can withstand during aerial combat. The tight twists and turns may fall within acceptable parameters for the aircraft’s design strength, but can the pilot endure the assault on his body that will ensue?

Such is the concern when we undergo such significant transitions. Our hope is that God grants the grace to emerge from our twists and turns without “blacking out.”

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