Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beatnik Women and Virtuous Daughters

I remember from high school the clique of artistic types that seemed to tolerate the existence of nearby humanoids so long as their "groove" was not interrupted. By "groove" I am clearly anachronistically inserting 70's nomenclature into the 80's youth experience. Nevertheless, it works to paint the picture of that select crowd that engaged in the arts while the rest of us lesser evolved bipeds sauntered along with droll concerns about boyfriends, girlfriends, proms and popularity. These high school beatniks operated above such base pursuits as fashion trends, hair styles and attracting the opposite sex. Simply put, the guys might have been attracted to the "deep" women, but the "deep" women found that no men really qualified to deserve their concern. I might have found some of these artistic girls attractive, but would never had asked them out due to intimidation. I just knew they would find me unworthy, shallow and lacking in poetic substance to share their airspace.

For this reason, I'm somewhat encouraged to find my daughter gravitating this way. She's artistic, poetic and attracted to things dramatic or literary. Not that she should slide toward an unbalanced and morose funk that recites depressed verses at smoke-filled coffee houses. On the contrary, my hope is that she will develop and grow into a joyous existence. However, while she is riding the maturity spiral upward into womanhood, let her shine with artistic depth that finds testosterone enriched male simpletons unappealing. Would that young bucks in the rut find my daughter as intimidating as I once found girls of the pen, the poem or the stage production. She may approximate a beatnik flair for a time, but the end result may be a virtuous woman whose standards will not suffer masculine fools.

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