Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Sense of Adventure

As a Christian, I'm supposed to live a life that is God's to do with as he pleases. The range of roles he could have me play is as wide as the human needs in ministry. The selection of locations in which I might serve him are as diverse as the continents and peoples of the world. I've been recruited into the mission of God, and equipped for service that requires my unique obedience. It's a cutting edge, mysterious and exciting existence. The humdrum ruts that most believers fall into hits well far from the mark. As an agent of Christ, its better than any action flick.

Consider the following quotes from fictional action characters:

"I work for the British government." - James Bond

"I'm an analyst for the CIA." - Jack Ryan

"I'm a professor of archaeology." - Dr. Henry Jones Jr.

"I just swing around hitting the Gotham nightlife." - Bruce Wayne

"I'm a mild-mannered reporter." - Clark Kent

These job descriptions have rather exciting characters attached to them. Take the top three for example. If I took a job that had any of those institutions on the business card (MI6, CIA or Marshall College Department of Archaeology), you might react with, "Wow! How exciting. It makes you sound like James Bond (or Jack Ryan or Indiana Jones respectively)." Where's that sense of adventure when we say that we're a Christian?

I proposed a different attitude toward our job description. Instead of just, "I am Christian," we might consider, "I'm a follower of Jesus Christ, and the ruler of the universe has sent me into this culture to infiltrate your customs and craftily persuade as many as possible to submit to his rule before either he comes here or you go to him." Actually, that might freak people out. Perhaps you don't need to say all of that after all. Instead, just keep all of that in your head when you declare, "I'm a Christian."

What's lacking from most believers' minds (in convinced of it) is a sense of adventure. It's a feel that you've been enlisted in a epic narrative that requires grand twists and turns to do justice for the story. For the Ott clan, this sense of adventure has been well established for sometime now; that's why we approach some of the mammoth changes in ministry and life the way we do. It's a little thing to imagine total new ministry directions and strategies if Dr. Jones or 007 has to go through what they do.

Take for example all the hoops I had to jump through today to arrange my course schedule at DTS. The customization that was necessary for my requirements to be met in time for a May graduation seemed improbable. Nevertheless, events transpired that appeared Providential before my eyes. The miracles afoot were exciting to behold. Such it is with my church; such it is with my school; such it is with my life. How adventurous it is to serve the Lord. He never, ever gets boring.

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