Monday, December 15, 2008

Finishing Well

Yesterday, December 14th 2008, the members of Woodcreek Bible Church unanimously voted to dissolve as an independent church body effective December 31st. In addition, the sentiment among all present was to finish well, in as Christ honoring a fashion as possible. For this reason, there is no sense "winding down." If anything, there's a sense of sprinting to the finish line. All are in agreement that the property must be sold in a timely manner, that funding for the mortgage payments must continue until it sells and that everyone is being led of the Spirit to remain purposeful into their next ministry. In other words, unity prevails even in moments such as this. What an awesome thing to behold.

Some declared that they will continue to worship and serve in this community by attending Gateway Fellowship nearby. Some declared an intent to serve Christ at a church closer to their home. Others honestly declared a need for more time to perceive the Lord's leading for them. Nevertheless, it seemed all were led of the Spirit to close out WBC as a church body, finishing well in this season of their service to Christ.

Many that I have encountered have lamented the closing on my behalf. However, once I explain the nature of the training that all have undergone here, they rejoice along with me that such a transformational time could occur in the midst of disappointment. Even then, the "disappointment" is tempered by the triumph of the training. The strategic planning we, as a church, performed (far from being wasted) produced more strategic believers. In this way, our mission ("to reach, train and send out the most loving and contagious followers of Christ in the world") still is being achieved. I am thrilled to have been with these people for this amount of time. It has been an awesome period of training for us all, and this is evidenced by how driven we all are to finish well.

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