Thursday, September 18, 2008

Strategic Planning: "Second Wind"

Woodcreek Bible Church has undergone many changes in the past year. Far from implementing these merely for change's sake, we sought to be purposeful about whatever innovations are proposed and new initiatives carried out. This has all been part and parcel to a strategic plan to reach our local community (and beyond) with the life-assuring Gospel of Jesus Christ. To this end, we also want to grow followers of Christ into ever-maturing believers, so that they may be enlisted in the mission of God to the world.

We've reached a critic "crux move" (rock climbing lingo) in our strategic planning process though. We have faithfully examined what core values God brought us together as a church to champion. In addition, we also have identified the mission that God have called our church together to pursue. However, at a time when we wanted to focus on developing a God-given vision for our church, some unanticipated changes to our church body seemed to interrupt the momentum. This can take some of the wind out of the sails in the strategic planning process. Not only that, but a clear vision is necessary in order to develop a detailed strategic plan for accomplishing the vision. This placed us about half done with our church's strategic planning process, at a time when we need such clarity of planning the most.

To answer this need, we are doubling our efforts for the remaining months of this calendar year (Sept through Dec). Such is the importance of this leadership function of the church. There are all sorts of ways that a pastor can make mistakes in his job: poor sermon prep or delivery; miss a hospital appointment; a careless comment or ill-advised financial decision. But if the area of strategic planning is not undergone with sufficient care, attention to detail and energy for the process, the whole church labors along like a ship with no rudder. Such a blunder is frequently not fixable, but will run the entire ship aground.

For this reason, I'm very excited about the remaining sessions we have planned. May God bless our efforts to discover the plans he has for us, and grant the energy and focus to see them through to fulfillment.

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