Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reformation Day buzz

It's that time of the year again. We're gearing up for our annual Reformation Day celebration at Woodcreek Bible Church. This is always a really big task because you really don't get any help from the ambient culture to celebrate this. Halloween decorations already dominate Walmart's aisles. No pre-packaged crafts, inflatables or door hangings are for sale. This means that Christians who are going to celebrate this (and do it well) need to do their own homework and really employ their own creativity. Don't all really worthwhile things take more work to execute?

Even though it takes more work from our church and every participant, our church is abuzz with anticipation over how we get to celebrate this once again. There's something very thrilling about being proactive in celebrating the goodness of our God. It's liberating in that it requires no excuses. It's also exciting in how it brings out the best in those who are sold out for Jesus Christ. I can't wait. The buzz is that we're swinging for the benches with this one.

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