Monday, September 8, 2008

Hockey talk and Politics

Hockey season is fast approaching. For this reason I just had to call Mark Davis, a local radio talk show host and bring up how hockey analogies are having a greater presence in American political discourse. Thanks go out to Governor Sarah Palin for this phenomenon. While it strikes some as strange that for former Washingtonians it took moving to Texas to become rabid hockey fans, more mysterious is that it took a Republican woman to introduce hockey terminology into the political rhetoric for this election year. A self-proclaimed "hockey mom," Sarah Palin has suggested to viewers that the difference between a hockey mom and a Pit bull is lipstick. If she does well in debates, Mark Davis pointed out that she will not be described has "having hit a home run," but having "scored a hat trick." This is fun to see as the hockey season approaches.

The Dallas Stars have caught our family's attention. We're crazy fans. We can only afford a few games a season, but our jerseys are pressed and ready. The face paint is prepared. The gloves are off and the ice is cool. Let's go Stars!

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