Monday, September 8, 2008

Hard to root for classless players

I know that football is the Texas state religion. And, yes, I know that the Dallas Cowboys are the local "priesthood" of that religion. It's basic the other worship service that happens on Sunday during the Fall in Texas. Therefore, I'd better make sure that church gets out on time so that people can make it to the "next service" on time. And I know that to relate to people I minister to I had better show my loyalty for the white, blue and silver.

But for crying out loud! Do I have to drink the cool-aid when Terrell Owens swaggers onto the field. Sure it's thrilling to watch him and Tony Romo execute superb plays like what we saw on Sunday, but the thrill of the play is totally dissipated by my disgust at T.O. when he "celebrates" his touchdown. Hey T.O., do your job! Enjoy little victories with your teammates. High five as you exit. But then sit your punk, arrogant, prima donna, "it's all about me," rockstar butt on the bench!

How I tire of the shanaogans in sports that players use to bring a spotlight on themselves. Do not whole teams win or lose games? Not that I would direct my children to sports to seek out role models, but T.O. definitely reminds me not to do so. Frankly, I find it hard to root for players that are going to so shed their last ounces of class when crossing the goal line. When Romo throws the pass, and the ball is spirelling 40 yards down the field, and a touchdown seems inevitable, I find myself hoping that anyone (ANYONE!) but T.O. is about to catch it.

Sure, I root for the Cowboys. But T.O. makes it difficult to enjoy their victories. Honestly, (and I know this will get me in hot water with people from my church) after T.O.'s little "celebration" yesterday, I wanted the Browns to come back and trounce them, humbling the punk. Alas, the Browns didn't have it in them to humble the punk. Wade Philips certainly isn't going to do it. So T.O. gets to remain the jerk as usual, with no consequences. What a great legacy for "America's team": classless displays that breed more of the same. When does hockey season start again?

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