Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An Unlikely Position

I really would never have guessed that I would find a part time job as a substitute teacher. Nevertheless, as events transpired, I was hired last week to serve as a substitute teacher at Heritage Christian Academy in Rockwall, TX. It seemed to be a good fit. Immediately I was needed to fill in for a teacher still on a missionary trip through Peru.

Mind you, I couldn't be less acquainted with her subjects (Honors Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Chemistry and Physics). Therefore, I'm grateful that the teacher laid out so thoroughly the instructions of what the students are to do each day. This way, I can follow her easy steps to make sure they keep learning until she returns.

Even though it's high school, I still enjoy the academic environment. I wish I could contribute something significant to the student's learning experience though. Perhaps I can simply keep them just interested enough until their teacher returns. In the meantime, I have to laugh at how God arranges such events. This is among the more unlikely positions I might have imagined for myself, yet I've enjoyed the last two days anyway.

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