Thursday, August 21, 2008

Job search frustrations

In order for my church to be on better financial footing, it is necessary for my salary to be dramatically cut. This necessitates my seeking a second job to fill the income gap. It may be very necessary, but it is also very abhorrent. How I despise those cyclical doldrums wherein I'm reminded once again how specialized I've become. My experiences and training qualify me for equipping and developing believers in Christ in a ministry setting, but little else. How difficult it can be to examine my own resume' and imagine what work outside the church I could be hired for. Trying to rearrange my experiences and education to sound attractive to an employer seems, at times, dishonest.

Even when I completed the applications for "substitute teacher" for Rockwall and Royse City school districts, they had clauses that read, "omit any experience or reference that might reveal age, race, ethnicity or religion." Are you kidding me? Omit any teaching experience or job reference that might reveal religion? That omits my resume in its entirety.

I trust the Lord in this regard, but that doesn't mean I have a clue what he's up to.

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