Saturday, August 2, 2008

Back to Riding

I was so encouraged to get my bike back this last week after its repairs were completed. Immediately Naomi and I went for a ride up to Lavon to have dessert at a Sonic. Riding the bike allows for real rest. You know, that type of rest that is sufficient work to drowned out all other concerns. It takes concentration to really rest from the problems and work concerns that plague you the rest of the time. With the academic rigors always breathing down my neck, plus the responsibilities to the church, I was quite ready to get back on the road. Praise the Lord!

No sooner had I rejoiced over being able to ride again, but I was invited on a scenic ride to Celina, TX this morning. The twists and turns, as well as the communities we rode through were a great pleasure. This only increases my motivation to outfight my motorcycle for comfort as I explore the back roads of Texas. Who could have ever known that I would become such a riding enthusiast?

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Stephen said...

If you like curvy roads, try this ride from Celina... Take 455 west toward Pilot Point (about 16 miles); 2 lanes all the way, and watch those curves.

At 377, turn left and go South for about 2 miles, then right to resume on 455 West.

Going to Sanger to have dinner at Babe's Chicken Dinner House, you'll cross the dam at Lake Ray Roberts for a scenic view. Park with the other motorcycles, and enjoy the flavor of Texas! (about 28 miles),+Sanger,+TX+76266+(Babe%27s+Chicken+Dinner+House)&daddr=Celina,+TX+75009&hl=en&geocode=12971507319464800526,33.361426,-97.172861&mra=ls&sll=33.354335,-96.97329&sspn=0.242608,0.422287&ie=UTF8&ll=33.359782,-96.980438&spn=0.242594,0.422287&z=11