Friday, July 25, 2008


What an odd name for an evangelical ministry, but it fits. In the tradition of great visionary ministries that have reached out to neglected people groups, XXXChurch is targeting those have become, or might become enslaved to the horrific task-master called pornography. The life-giving power of Jesus Christ is the only solution to the damaging and secret lifestyle of the porn addict. It's hitting the bulls-eye of the Great Commission.

They have felt resistance though, and not just from the porno industry. Many "conservative" Christians have objected to their ministry, suggesting that it boldy wanders into territory that Christians should avoid. What those who object fail to remember is that Jesus, in his healing of lepers, often touch them. What could be more scandalous than to physically touch a leper? Jesus, however, unafraid of being made ceremonially unclean by touching the leper, extends his hand and heals them.

Such ministry, though considered "edgy," is following the pattern of Christ. They have resources as well for recovering from a porn addiction, becoming educated about its effects and helping others being hurt by it as well. is also a good resource, but the issue isn't whether one finds just the right resource. The issue is whether one is truly motivated to have the liberation of the transparent life. These resources help me, but the key is to remain transparent to those around whom I love and whose trust I always want to deserve.

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