Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thirty Nine

Monday was my birthday. I spent that day, Tuesday and the first half of Wednesday horizontal, agonizing with flu symptoms. That was not kind. I didn't appreciate turning 39 (which my wife referred to as "almost old") laid up in a recovering state. What a way to launch into the year wherein I get to anticipate turning 40. If ever I was thinking of having a "mid-life crisis," the timing's just right.

My birthday has been surrounded by a lot of fun though. Last Friday my family all went to see the Texas Rangers beat the Chicago White Sox 7-2. That was a fun outing. It was one of the final chances to really do something special as a family before the kids head off to my parents house in California for nearly a month.

Then, this Friday we're all going to see the movie "The Dark Knight." Having been a fan of the comics for years, I knew that the previous "Batman" movies made had not been really true to the genre (either too stylized or campy). Then, in 2005, Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins" finally hit the mark. Comic lovers everywhere rejoiced that the "Batman" literature (comics and graphic novels) has finally been considered a guiding measurement for bringing this tale to screen. If the "Batman" of the comics were ever really shown on screen for what it truly is, it would resemble a horror movie more than a superhero film. According to early reviews, "The Dark Knight" is striving for exactly that. It may turn out to be a mistake to take the kids on opening day.

All in all, my birthday, though spent in bed sick, has a lot of fun times before and after it. It therefore evens out to be a pretty good birthday. I can spend this year looking forward to 40, rather than dreading it.

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