Wednesday, July 23, 2008

They're leav'in...on a jet plane...

The kids are stoked about their trip this Saturday. I'm not sure I am. Oh I joke about looking forward to a quiet house for nearly a month when they're visiting my parents in California, but the truth is I get to missing them pretty quick. These poor guys have only recently started enjoying their summer: playing at the pool, spending the night with friends or seeing their favorite movies. I'm glad that they have such an opportunity to enjoy an extended visit with my folks, but I'll dread suspending my "fathering" for such a length of time too.

We'll put them on the plane early Saturday morning, and hopefully the whole trip proceeds without incident. Three kids can find such a long flight challenging. The first time they took this trip, the flight attendant eventually told them not to push the "call button" again. I am impressed with Jessica, Joshua and Elijah though. They're good travelers. Jessica will turn 14 while she's in California, and by this age she's already traveled as much as I did by her age. All of them are so great. I'll not really looking forward to watching them walk out in the concourse at DFW.

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