Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Heat

It's starting to get hotter. Oh my. Texas can become quite the sauna in the summer time. Since moving here in 2003 I've discovered that the heat is quite thorough, and there are few avenues for getting away from it. The hermit lifestyle is not an option; not if one desires to get anything done, run errands or go see people. Therefore, no options remain except to drink a lot of fluids and become content that you simply will always be a sweaty mess.

The relief I feel that comes from riding a motorcycle is diminished when stopped at a light. In addition, I'm reluctant to dress down to be more comfortable. Riding has enough dangers without shedding protective layers. I'll see how long I last with that philosophy.

There's another manner in which the summer is "heating up" though. It involves the opportunities to have a ministerial impact on the local community with Hot Rod parades in Royse City, July 4th events or the Fate City council. In addition, our church is developing new strategies for connecting with our surrounding neighbors that will hopefully morph into chances to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yes, Texas can be hot in the summer: physically, that can be uncomfortable; however, spiritually, that can be very exciting.

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