Monday, May 5, 2008

Stars advance to 3rd round!

Oh my word! 4 overtimes? That's crazy! I was up so late watching this nerve wracking game. Finally, during a powerplay in the 4th overtime, Brenden Morrow was able to divert Stephan Robida's pass into the net. I was glad that was over, ending the marathon game but also finishing out this series. Now that that Stars have successfully won the first two rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs, I'm content. Frankly, I don't expect them to beat the Detroit Red Wings in the Western Conference Finals. The Red Wings have been so good all year, dominating the Stars during most of their games during the regular season. I suspect I'll cheer each goal that the Stars score as though it were a game winner. Dallas and Detroit is very much a "David and Goliath" match-up. As the Stars ad goes, I'd like to "Believe," but right now I'm just elated that they got this far.

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