Saturday, May 3, 2008

Light the Fire

Today at Woodcreek Bible Church we had our "Light the Fire" BBQ event. It was a social event, but also a work day as well. We lit a large brush pile on fire that had been an eye-sore for our property. Now it's a circle of ash in the grass.

The event was a real blessing for a couple of reasons:

1. A great deal of work was accomplished both inside and outside the church building. The brush pile was burned up, landscape maintenance occurred and construction advanced inside as well. It was a very productive time.

2. A great deal of play was accomplished also. "Ultimate Frisbee" was played on the lawn, while some of us amateur golfers took turns trying to make balls land near a post across the main ditch. It was a picture of the kind of joy and fun that can be pursued in the future, but inviting more of the community whenever we do it.

All in all, I was very pleased with the time we all spent together today. The brush pile burn was a catalyst for all sorts of other blessings to happen. Amazing how God works those things out. What fun!

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