Monday, April 14, 2008

Stars Frenzy!

Saturday the Stars went Duck hunting. They beat Anaheim 5-2. I'm really enjoying this, having not been much of a sports fan before discovering hockey. The intensity of it is addictive. In reflecting on the attraction of sports, a radio commentator once quipped that it's like a dog: it allows you to express your love of it without any fear of it rejecting you. Sports teams may disappoint if they lose often, but they'll never turn away loyal fans. As a result, there's always an open door to those wanting to vicariously participate in the team's exploits.

You might despair when they lose, but you also exalt when they win. You can wear team colors, identify with a specific player (I have a "Steve Ott" jersey), paint your face and display the team logo all over your living space. You'll increasingly find Stars accessories around our house, in our cars or on our yard. It's a mystery, but the sports fan experience holds a lot of satisfying dynamics. I've been a Stars fan now for a couple of years. The last two years they have not made it out of the first round of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs. This year they're looking like they might.

...and I'm having a good time with it.

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