Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Politics and Stupid

"Politics 'n Stupid" sounds like an ice cream flavor. I get so sick and tired of hearing about politic candidate's view every time I turn on the radio. I find McCain boring, Clinton abrasive and Obama insulting. Take for example this notion of universal health care. For a person in my position, the ability to purchase health insurance is affected by the volunteered giving of people. At the present time, the ability to purchase health insurance yet eludes us. In response to this though, Clinton and Obama would tax from people around me that money which would pay for health insurance for me. That which I could not achieve through volunteered direct giving, they want to achieve for me through compulsory giving funneled through the federal government.

Is it not enough that generous people already give immensely to assist the poor like us. that the government must now tax them beyond what they give to make up the difference? This seems to me to engage in a perverse Robin-hood-ism: tax from the wealthier to distribute to the poorer - whether they volunteer it or not. What is also insulting about Clinton and Obama is that they expect that I would want them to do this simply because we're poorer than some around us. Their assumption must be that poverty causes one to shed principles; that because of our financial status, we would never hold to principles of limited government and personal generosity, but instead want bigger government to require compulsory "generosity." This is insulting.

I don't find McCain to be much better, but he is a little better. He still is a demeaning lurch. Remember when he was speaking in different places regarding illegal immigration? He championed the rhetoric that even President Bush picked up on that referred to people as mere "workers." When I heard Bush refer flesh and blood human beings continually to "workers," I said to myself, "spoken like a true plantation owner." The commercials I heard at the time that called for "workers" to "do the jobs that American won't do" could have ran in the 1850's and would have argued well for preserving slavery. I'm sure Jefferson Davis made a similar argument: "We have to have these 'workers' or our economy will suffer."

I'll likely vote for the Republican candidate in the presidential election, but only because he sickens me a little less that the Democratic candidate. "Politics and Stupid" sounds like an ice cream flavor.

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