Monday, April 21, 2008

Duck season is over. Who's next?

Last night the Stars beat the Ducks 4-1 in game six of the Western Conference Quarterfinals. This also was the fourth game they won in the best of seven series, winning the series and advancing to the next round. The game couldn't have turned out better from a fan's perspective, but then again it was nerve racking too. The Ducks scored their goal in the first period, but the Stars scored all four of theirs in the third period. That left Naomi and I biting our nails for the first two periods. Oh man, that'll raise your blood pressure!

As I've said before, I've never been much of a sports guy. I attended, or hosted Superbowl parties as primarily a means of fellowship with friends or family. I absolutely have never been able to relate to the fan mentality that learns statistics, numbers, trades, rules and sport's history. That is starting to change for me with regards to hockey though. I find it very completing of my experience in a sports-heavy society to evolve into an NHL fan, with a particular focus on my local heroes-the Dallas Stars.

It is not yet known who they will pay for the Western Conference Semifinals, the San Jose Sharks or the Colorado Avalanche, but right now I'm content that they've made it further up the ladder this year (to the 2nd round) than they have since I become a hockey fan two years ago. Two years ago they were eliminated by the Avalanche in the 1st round. Last year they were eliminated by the Canucks in the 1st round. This year they made it to the 2nd round, and I am very excited.

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