Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cleaning windows

Today was a work day out at the church for me. I'm on site pretty much every day at some point, but some days require more of my time than others. Today it was window cleaning. Up until now, interior blinds (more like shutters) have greatly inhibited the amount of light that can enter. Thus sunlight has not been allowed to come in, creating a more warm and welcome environment. Therefore, the shutters had to go.

Once the shutters were down though, I saw that the windows had not been cleaned in ages. Dirt had accumulated and paint splatter had never been scraped off. It seems the shutters were hiding that fact that windows were dirty, inhibiting a clear view of the world outside. Why had the shutters been kept on? Likely because they added a comfortable homey feel to the place. However, it was this "homey" addition that was restricting necessary light from coming in, and an clear view peering out.

As I cleaning the windows inside and outside, I couldn't help but wonder what vestiges of comfort do the same to us: restrict light from shining in on us, and restrict our clear view of the world that we are called to reach with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Cleaning windows can be highly meditative.

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