Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stormy prayer

Yesterday we had stormy weather here in Rockwall County. The National Weather Service issued flash flood warnings for much of the area, including our county too. I enjoy big storms. Even though they can be destructive for some, which is regrettable, they also demonstrate the power of God woven into his creation much like volcanoes or tsunamis. It's awesome to witness, and being in the middle of it seems to almost "feel" closer to God.

That is why I chose yesterday to spend time in prayer at my church. It has a small drainage ditch running through the middle of it. It doesn't even warrant a creek name since it's so seasonal. Nevertheless, being out in the storm seemed like good devotional time to me - and it was. Intense prayer, I find, is more easily achieved in intense settings. When the ran is pelting you in the face while you're standing knee deep in creek trying to cut away the fence that is clogging up debris, God just seems closer. Normal difficulties I might have in achieving transparency before God in prayer are stripped away by the adventure of removing the water's obstruction without being swept down the river. It was intense. It was spiritual. It was intensely spiritual.

In the process I couldn't help but reflect on the river as an analogy of a church (or even our church). When heavy rains comes, the flow increases. But even though there's much more water, still obstructions can remain, restricting the best flow. Removing the obstructing fence was hard work, but worth it. What obstructions remain in our church that might hinder how the Holy Spirit desires to flow through us? What obstructions remain in me?

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