Monday, January 14, 2008

A second car

This weekend Naomi was given a four door car from her grandmother, who she was visiting in Houston. This now brings us to a 2-car family instead of the one-car family we have always been. Interestingly, this represents a procedural and cultural change for our family as well. It's not simply the convenience of an extra car, but the new habits that are possible with both drivers able to head off in different directions at the same time. Even this morning I had errands to run, but waiting until Naomi returned from hers before going. Amusingly, I could have left anytime. I had a vehicle at my disposal, but instead followed my instinct to wait until she returned.

I hope this does not produce new instincts though, that of separation of family practices. I suppose this is somewhat inevitable, with kids developing new interests to which they need transportation, all the while with me needing to jet around to various meetings. But what I hope we can avoid is the drive-by family that so many households seem to have become. A second car should be a blessing; not a curse.

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