Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Parade

Our church has now participated in two local Christmas parades. What a blessing both of them were. The floats, the decorations, the bands, the lights (at night) and the people all contributed to a great experience. I can't be certain if it was more because of the Christmas season, or just the euphoria of being among all of those people. The events were a great opportunity for our church to be out in the community, shaking hands, passing out candy and wishing people "Merry Christmas."

These are the first parades that I can remember walking in. Over the past couple of years, when our family would attend the local Christmas and Independence Day parades, I often noticed the local businesses and church that participated and wondered if we might have a similar opportunity. Now, it's my responsibility at Genesis Community Church to make sure we participate. Funny how things that I've envisioned for the last few years would finally have a chance for expression.

I imagine this often occurs for the Christian. Flashes enter into the mind of service moments that be yet be future without any knowledge as to how they will come to fruition. Then, without any manipulation of your own, God brings about that which you saw long before. It's as though the moment you're experiencing has a deja vu' component to it. Such was the Rockwall and Royse City parades for me. I've seen myself, my family and my church already in such community events in my mind. Executing it didn't seem all that strange as a result.

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