Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Day hockey

On Christmas Day we started a new tradition, though I'm uncertain how many years in a row an activity must occur to be validly considered a "family tradition." Nevertheless, we started this event with the intent to keep it going. The activity? Christmas Day hockey!

We gathered up our street hockey gear (skates, sticks, goal and puck) and headed over to the church to use its parking lot as our rink. What a blast! Naomi and I took turns as goal-keeper. It was a real kick. I suspect we'll do it more often that merely on Christmas, but the point was to have a fun family activity on Christmas - not just to save hockey for Christmas.

The resulting effect was that I realized we have done too little of this lately. Family activities such as this have been too sparse over this past year. Be it street hockey, walking the dogs, camping or any other activity, I have not sought such times like that to the extent would be healthier for such a busy family as ours. As we raced around the parking lot, chasing the red ball, trying to score, I resolved to make sure this coming year saw a greater frequency of family fun. We've had seasons of greater family attention before, but sometimes we get a little distracted. Christmas Day hockey awakened me to the fact that we had gotten distracted a little, and need to have a new season of a closer home.

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