Saturday, September 29, 2007

Monk on Fire

It is a pleasure for me to share that in addition to serving as Senior Pastor for Genesis Community Church, I also now serve as the Chaplain for the Fate Volunteer Fire Dept. This additional role does not conflict with or impinge upon my duties as a pastor. On the contrary, it falls well in line with my philosophy of being a blessing to those both inside and outside the church body. I'm in general agreement with the notion I heard articulated years ago that asserted the church is a unique organization, being brought into existence primarily for the benefit of its non-members.

In accordance with this philosophy, I hope to be a blessing to the community through serving as Chaplain. These duties include assisting those who have been victims of a disaster find resources to keep life going, to offer comfort to those who have experienced a loss and to offer compassion and, if needed, counseling for those who serve the community with firefighting practices. In a sense, it can be said that I have two congregations to consider: Genesis Community Church and the Fate Volunteer Fire Dept.

These do not compete for time though. On the contrary, they represent both sides of the same coin. Heads=internal ministry. Tails=external ministry. My primary responsibility is to my church, but in a sense I fulfill some of that responsibility by offering an example of external ministry. This is not a pragmatic and covert means of evangelism though. I look forward to serving the fire dept. in the manner that they need, knowing that they are an example of God's blessing to the community in his providing of emergency response people. It is my hope that this is a small symptom of how Genesis Community Church will develop a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding community, seizing opportunities to become a blessing as an appropriate response to how much we have already been blessed by Christ.

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